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Buying a Home for Sale Bali: Turnkey Villa or Off-plan?

A sun-kissed and warm water-bathed island of Gods – Bali – is the tropical dream of so many tourists, digital nomads, and corporate world escapers. When you are looking for a home for sale in Bali that is affordable, ideal for your family, and that you can legally own, you are facing a new, unknown market and Harcourts Purba Bali is here to guide you through choosing and buying a home in Bali.

In this article we will share a valuable tip on how to find a cheaper home for sale in Bali, is it legal to buy one, and what are some great locations to find an affordable home for sale in Bali

Can you Buy Homes in Bali?


According to the latest official regulations, foreigners can legally buy homes in Bali for both residence or investments. The foreign ownership is regulated under special titles giving you rights to lease the land, build on it, or use an already built house as your holiday home or rental business.

Buying a home for sale in Bali you are acquiring it for a certain number of years, ex., 25 or 80 years. Later on, you can extend your lease. It is allowed to buy a home in Bali under your own name (leasehold), but it is better to set up a foreign-owned company in Indonesia, called PT PMA, to fully protect your transaction and ownership for an extended period of time (freehold). 

Best Affordable Locations for Homes for sale in Bali


The average property price in the London region is USD 840 000, in Sydney – above one million USD, around 500 000 to 600 000 in the USA. Compared to the top real estate markets in the world, homes for sale in Bali are much cheaper and the pricing will depend largely on the size of the house and the location. 

The price for a one-bedroom home for sale in Bali will start from USD 200 000 in the popular areas – Seminyak, Canggu, Central Kuta, Ubud, and Nusa Dua. However, in remote and more peaceful areas you can easily find a simple home for sale for less than USD 200 000 even with more bedrooms. Harcourts Bali curates a selection of homes for sale for any budget, family size, and lifestyle with more than 200 listings in our portfolio. 

It is cheaper to buy an off-plan home, in such cases, you can purchase it cheaper even in hot locations.

What is an off-plan home for sale in Bali?

Buying a Home for Sale Bali: Turnkey Villa or Off-plan?
 “off-plan” home is a home that is not built yet. The architect planned, drew, and created 3D renders of your future house and these plans were approved and sealed. The off-plan homes are mostly sold by developers and it is a safer way to buy them. 

An off-plan allows you to buy a home for sale in Bali for a much lower price but you will have to wait up to 11-12 months until the construction works, finishing, and design will be completed. Additionally, even if the plan is approved, you still are able to add some changes if needed – an option non-existent if you’re buying an already built house. 

Harcourts Bali has a choice among 40+ off-plan homes for sale in Bali with prices starting from USD 115 000! 

Best Locations for Homes For sale in Bali 


1. Canggu

Canggu is bustling year-round, attracting tourists, digital nomads, remote workers, and surfers from all over the world. It is the ultimate destination if you want to be involved in business meet-ups, eat out in amazing restaurants, hang out with new friends in bars or beaches at sunset or just learn how to surf. 

Real estate in Canggu was always on the rise and it grew not yearly but quarterly. Being one of the most expensive destinations for property investments in Bali, Canggu still remains the most yielding area as well, making from 8% to 30% profit. 

It is then worth buying a home for sale in Canggu off-plan, in the early stage, securing your price and property before the market goes up again. Check out this modern 3-bedroom home for sale in Canggu for under USD 500 000 only 700 m from the beach. 

2. Uluwatu

Cliffy paradise for surfers and beautiful beach lovers – Uluwatu. The community here loves the laid-back lifestyle here and yet, you can find restaurants, bars, and even huge parties in Uluwatu. 

Most beachfront plots are taken by 5-star resorts and luxurious villas for rent and yet, you can find a home for sale in Uluwatu with an outstanding view. The views come at a price and this area is also quite expensive for purchasing a property. 

By buying off-plan you have a chance to buy a two-bedroom home for sale for only USD 200 000 in Bingin – one of the most beautiful parts of Uluwatu. The plan is to finish this villa in 11 months and to have a 30-m pool, a garden, and a spacious living area. 

3. Pererenan

Pererenan is separated from Canggu by a shortcut. Many long-term residents choose this area for its peaceful and slower pace of life, good cafes, and nice beach. There is everything you need for tranquil living without the hustle and bustle of Canggu. 

The real estate in Pererenan is cheaper than in Canggu and there are more opportunities to buy an off-plan home. 

For instance, this off-plan 3-bedroom home for sale in Pererenan will be featuring 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a living space, a kitchen, a garden, and a pool. Stylish design is created by a European developer. The price is extremely low for that type of property and is now only USD 158 000. 

4. West coast

Further from Pererenan lies the beautiful land of the West Coast with its rocky black-sand beaches and coconut plantations between rice fields. There are much more traditional Balinese villages here where you can get the real Bali experience, visit uncrowded beaches, ride through rice fields and enjoy the serenity. 

Seseh and Cemagi villages are the closest to Pereranan and Canggu, but the West Coast is so large – it goes for dozens of kilometers along the shore and lies among green rice fields of the Tabanan region protected by Unesco. You can find a beachfront home for sale here or a nice villa in a lush area. There is also a beautiful ancient pilgrimage temple, Tahan Lot.

The area is predicted to become the second Canggu in the next 5 years: the largest resorts and businesses purchased hectares of land here and started developing it. We will soon see Ciputra Resort and Potato Head resorts here. The most popular glamping in Bali – Bali Beach Glamping has been the destination for beachfront weddings, birthday parties, and group vacations.

Yet, the property prices here are 10 to 50 times cheaper than in Canggu. Harcourts keeps this gem in our collection: an off-plan beachfront home for sale near Tanah Lot. Only 20-min from Canggu this two-bedroom home goes now only for USD 172 000. 

5. Ubud 

If you’re looking for a home for sale in jungles, far from Canggu buzz, Ubud and Gianyar will be your choice. It is the mecca of all tourists and expats trying to connect with themselves and nature more and is considered a spiritual area. It still has a lot of cafes and a few fine dining restaurants, Aperitif Bali being one of the top on the list. If Bali had Michelin stars, Aperitif would most definitely get one or more.

The property in Ubud has been extremely popular over the last years due to the stunning landscapes and greenery. You don’t have a beach living in Ubud, but not everyone comes to Bali only for beaches. 

This 3-bedroom home for sale in Ubud for under USD 300 000 has 3 bedrooms and bathrooms, a pool with a pool deck, manicured garden overlooking rice fields valley and a river, spacious indoor and outdoor living zones, and parking area. The materials for finishing will include marble, wood, tile with a porcelain effect, floor-to-ceiling windows, and many other details. 

6. Jimbaran

Jimbaran and Bukit peninsula in general, including Uluwatu, has recently become one of the most desirable real estate markets in Bali. Hilly Jimbaran offers so much land and villas with breathtaking panoramic views over Bali, access to numerous beautiful beaches, and developing infrastructure for comfortable living.

An amazing example of how underrated Jimbaran properties sometimes are is this luxury 4-bedroom home for sale on a hill overlooking the Indian ocean. The asking price is currently USD 1 755 125 and the villa is absolutely worth it: it is a 3-level house with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, a 12-meter pool, private gym room, yoga area, spa, games room, spacious living and dining areas enough to accommodate up to 12 guests, and open rooftop for sunset drinks. Perfect for a family. 

The landscape being so diverse, the prices vary dramatically as well, check out more homes for sale in Jimbaran in our hand-picked collection.

7. Seminyak

The Canggu predecessor – Seminyak – is one of the top tourism hubs with its 5-star resorts, beach clubs, surf spot, restaurants, and well-maintained sidewalks for wandering around. 

Being one of the tourism veterans this area has gained extensive popularity and the property market pricing is quite high. This cozy two-bedroom home for sale is around USD 500 000 and is only 300m from the beach.  

8. Kerobokan 

Kerobokan often goes underrated and undervalued meanwhile, it is close to all major areas in Bali and is a great, simple and quiet area for families with easy access to the cafes, schools, gyms, and shops. The homes for sale in Kerobokan are much cheaper than similar properties in Canggu, while it’s only a 10-20 min drive from Canggu! 

Umalas and Kerobokan areas are developing a big apartment complex and offer multiple villas and houses for sale: from modest and simple traditional houses to stylish spacious modern villas. 

This 3-bedroom industrial-style home for sale in Umalas was designed with attention to every detail and can satisfy the needs of some sophisticated buyers. Interesting interior design decisions, colors, décor, modern kitchen, brick and steel finishing, and pool will be great for a modern couple.

9. Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is the ultimate destination for next-level vacations, especially if you love resorts and white-sand beaches. The suburb created a huge walking path along the shore across all the resorts and restaurants. Nusa Dua is perfect for holidays with kids and elder parents. 

At the same time, the area is nice to live in long-term as well. Considering the large development of the area and the infrastructure created around top hotels, the property prices are quite high, on average. 

You can find here a beachfront villa with a private beach for around USD one million. This luxury home for sale features unparalleled views and the beach you won’t share with anyone, as well as 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, including 2 jacuzzis, a high-class kitchen, spacious living and dining areas, and terraces, well-planned design, and decorations shipped from Turkey. 

10. East Coast

Amed and Candidasa are the most popular and picturesque destinations on the East Coast for a weekend getaway or laid-back lifestyle. The East coast is perfect for diving and snorkeling, the road goes through hills and pretty valleys, and finally, you have a view of the majestic volcano Agung. 

While it is quite a long drive from Canggu, around 3 hours, the views are beautiful and you can stop by to see some cliffs and beaches, or even The Bat Temple. 

Properties on the East Coast vary in price depending on the location and class. A high-end cliff villa can be quite expensive, yet this one-bedroom off-plan home for sale in Candidasa with amazing ocean views is only USD 200 000. Sitting on the cliff, this villa is part of emerging 5-star real estate development and will have access to all needed facilities. 

If you are ready to own your piece of paradise, talk to Harcourts to arrange your visit to Bali and to the properties you are interested in. We gained extensive experience in finding a perfect home for sale whether it is for your summer residence or for investments. 

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