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Bali Property for Sale Beachfront: 18 Top Beaches to Live Next To

Bali is notorious for its white and black sand beaches, surf spots, and beach clubs. It is probably true that half of all Bali residents’ life is spent on the beach: from sunrise to sunset there is always something to do, from having a coconut to playing volleyball. Considering an investment destination, most investors are looking into highly profitable locations and that is a beachfront property for sale in Bali for sure.

Start your own research of the best beachfront properties for sale in Bali by browsing our selection of villas and land or view all available properties on the interactive property map we’ve created at Harcourts. Need help understanding what beach is actually pretty and worth investing in? Check our Top-18 Beaches to hunt for beachfront property for sale in Bali.

Beachfront Property for Sale near Batu Bolong Beach

From backpackers to sophisticated tourists – Batu Bolong beach in Canggu has something for everyone. It is one of the best surf breaks on the island and is home to many luxurious beach clubs, hotels, and fine dining restaurants. From sunrise to sunset, it is a mecca for tourists to grab a coconut or just walk. 

Living in Batu Bolong can be affordable if you’re staying in an apartment or guesthouse, or extravagant and expensive if you’re looking to rent a spacious modern villa or a suite in a 5-star hotel. 

Beachfront property here is available both for rent and sale and will cost over USD 300 000 – 500 000 up to a few million. 

Beachfront Property for Sale near Berawa Beach

Second most popular Canggu beach with VIP beach clubs and recreational center, the biggest upcoming day and nightclub Holywings, and plenty of property for sale. Beachfront villas and villas or apartments with ocean views are waiting for the new owners and investors. 

Prices are high but so are returns on investments. Berawa is a popular choice among tourists and long-term renters as it offers all needed facilities: from supermarkets to gyms and childcare centers. 

Property for sale here is diverse: from penthouses with panoramic views to off-plan villas. 

Beachfront Property for Sale near Seminyak Beach

Seminyak beach is a large beach and surf spot with some of the oldest resorts in Bali, fancy beach clubs, serving exquisite Sunday brunches and drinks, and beachfront villas for sale. 

Fancy villas and investment-only properties are available in Seminyak starting from USD 100 000. 

Beachfront Property for Sale near Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua is a perfect image of what you think of when you imagine white sand, 5-star resorts lined up along the coast, upscaled restaurants, and enjoyable swimming or walking pastimes. 

Benoa and Sanur beaches are also attractive for families and retirees and offer a lot of beachfront properties for sale including land and villas. 

Beachfront Property for Sale near Melasti Beach

Melasti Beach is famous for its gorgeous scenery – white sand, lush greenery, and the huge limestone cliff in the background. Melasti has a few beach clubs and it is not a surf spot, which is good news if you would like to swim! 

Due to its location – the beach is surrounded by a tremendous rock formation, there is no land or properties available right on the beach. However, you can find a cliff-top villa for sale with a clear ocean view nearby.  

Beachfront Property for Sale near Balangan Beach

Balangan beach is another surf break and a very unique beach for Uluwatu and Bukit peninsula – you don’t have to struggle through cliffy descent. A few warungs are sitting on a slight elevation where you can enjoy a sunset over a few drinks or just watch beginner or advanced surfers having fun in the water. 

There are not a lot of beachfront properties available in Balangan, yet a few with beach and ocean views. 

Beachfront Property for Sale near Dreamland Beach

One of the most popular among surfers and most visited beaches in Bali is Dreamland or also called New Kuta Beach since the early 80s! Today it is not only a surf break but also one of the most luxurious beaches to relax and stay on holidays, as it has a lot of high-end resorts, including the New Kuta Beach Golf Course. 

Beachfront Property for Sale near Nyang Nyang Beach

Nyang Nyang is another beautiful beach in Uluwatu and yet again, you will have to carefully go down the cliff trail for about 15-20 minutes before you reach the sandy beach. The effort though is worth it. The views of the sunset are spectacular – low tide exposes the reef, and the sun caresses the horizon and ocean waters. However, get back up before it’s too dark, otherwise, it is not really safe to climb the cliff in the dark.

Same as with most Uluwatu and Bukit beaches, due to its isolated location there are no properties on the beach, yet, Bali offers a lot of properties for sale here with panoramic cliff views.

Beachfront Property for Sale near Bingin Beach

Bingin beach is just breathtaking. Its postcard-worthy views from the available beachfront properties are unforgettable. Pristine water, beautiful cliffs, and no-crowd beach make this area very popular. A nice and tight community has formed here over the past years. 

The real estate here is mostly bungalow complexes and expensive beachfront houses. Property for sale is also plenty but be ready for quite a high pricing. 

Beachfront Property for Sale near Seseh and Cemagi Beaches

Peaceful villages, Seseh and Cemagi, are nestled between evergreen rice fields and uncrowded beaches with temples, rocky formations, coconut trees, and a few warungs to grab a bite admiring the sunset. Few surfers also love to catch some waves in Seseh. 

They are both just 15 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Canggu and this is also why they are so popular – people are looking for some time for themselves. 

Beachfront property for sale in Seseh and Cemagi is growing in prices fast, due to its proximity to Canggu, amazing views, and the influx of renters and businesses. 

Beachfront Property for Sale near Pasut Beach

Pasut beach on the West Coast is one of the most picturesque beaches in Bali: volcanic black sand, coconut trees growing right on the beach, a large coastline with ATV and motorcycle trips, and a very small crowd. 

Spacious beachfront property is available for sale here – land plots of around 100 are (1 are = 100 sq m) and exclusive villas right on the beach. The land is extremely affordable here, one are will be less than USD500. 

Beachfront Property for Sale near Kuta Beach

Kuta beach is the beach that all travelers remember since the 80s! Bars, dances, and fun were never ending here. Today Kuta is home to some of the oldest and best world hotels including Hard Rock, Sheraton, Pullman, and the huge mall with a movie theater. 

Yet, the area has lost a lot of its popularity among younger generations and became almost only touristic over the past years. Although, property prices are the highest on the island. And it is due to the status of the area, its history, proximity to the airport, and scarcity of property available. 

There is almost no free beachfront land available, yet you can lease beachfront apartments or villas here if you are comfortable with paying higher prices. 

Beachfront Property for Sale on Nusa Lembongan

Serene and lush, a tiny paradise and land of seaweed and surfing – Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan. They have some pristine white sand beaches on one coast and cliffy breathtaking views on another. 

Numerous beachfront land plots are available for sale and long-term lease. Although these islands are a 1,5-hour boat trip from Bali, they are extremely popular among tourists and residents and yet the property prices are several times lower than those in Bali. 

Beachfront Property for Sale on Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is famous for two beaches: Atuh Beach and Kelingking beach with instafamous cap de T-Rex. Both sandy beaches are isolated by the cliffs, fantastically beautiful, and absolutely worth coming here. 

Even being such a popular tourism destination, Nusa Penida provides beachfront properties for sale, however, the prices will be much more attractive, promising higher and faster returns on investments. 

Beachfront Property for Sale near Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach in the North is a 3-hour trip from Canggu to get some amazing snorkeling and swimming with turtles experiences. The area itself is very beautiful – the ocean and views of Java Island and its volcano on one side, and lush hills and rice fields on the other.  

Just 40-60 min away from Lovina you can also find unique hot springs resorts and kayaking. 

The daily rates for rent here are as high as in Canggu or Seminyak yet, there are cheaper beachfront properties for sale in this part of Bali.

Beachfront Property for Sale near Amed and Candidasa Beaches

Amed and Candidasa always were diving hot spots with turtles, historical shipwrecks, and the onyx base beneath the translucent blue water. But also, these remote black-sand volcanic beaches have become a place to go when you want to recharge and relax without Canggu crowds. 

You can spend a day relaxing on the shimmering black sand, watching fishermen’s boats and Agung (the biggest volcano in Bali), grab a coconut at sunset, and have amazing seafood in one of the restaurants or beachfront warungs. 

Property here is peppered across hills, cliffs, and valleys, and almost all villas and land plots have ocean or volcano views. Beachfront property for sale pricing starts from USD 200 000 for off-plan property.

Beachfront Property for Sale near Medewi and West Coast Beaches 

Balian and Medewi beaches are notorious among surfers. Here are some of the biggest and most fun to ride waves in Bali and this created a small community around the beach areas with resorts, affordable guest houses, simple cafes, and surf rentals. 

Both beaches lie in the Jembrana regency, amazingly beautiful, and yet undiscovered by investors. Some beachfront properties for sale here are so cheap that you can easily secure land or a villa, where the ocean will wash your doorsteps.

Beachfront Property for Sale on Gili islands 

The waters are so clean, calm, and beautiful here that turtles come very close to the shore when there are no crowds. Gilis are the place to go to get your diving master and admire underwater beauty in its majesty. 

The islands are tiny and you can walk around in less than one hour. Beachfront property for sale here will be quite expensive due to the views but it will still be half of the price of a similar property in Bali.  

Looking for beachfront property for sale in Bali? Harcourts Purba Bali monitors the best beaches and hot spots in Bali and we have preselected some land parcels and villas with dramatic ocean views. Contact us to get our featured beachfront properties available for sale. 


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