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What are Harcourts Purba Platinum Listings?

These listings are hand-selected by us because they are extraordinary properties that are priced to sell. Some are exclusive Harcourts listings reserved for us and our clientele, while others were chosen because they are exquisitely designed or located in the most enviable locations.


Finding the perfect villa for sale in Bali can be an amazing yet complex experience in so many ways. The most common question is “How do I find the perfect Real Estate Agent in Bali to help me?” There are many steps in the process of buying a villa, land, or commercial property in Bali to navigate, so selecting the correct property agent can be one of the most important choices you will make. As a leading real estate agency, Harcourts Purba would not only like to be your property agent in Bali, we would also like to be your friend on this journey. We have a long list of satisfied clients that are happy with us and the experience of selling or buying properties in Bali. We can help you too.

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Is Bali good for investment?

Bali is one of the TOP-5 world’s most desirable, stable, and highly profitable investment destinations. And it is one of the best in Asia for property investments due to the strong domestic market, year-round high season, and high returns on investments starting from 8%. 

Additionally, the majority of millionaires across the globe have gained their fortune through property investments and management. By investing in property in Bali you are not only securing a piece of paradise for yourself but also starting on the success path. 

Top 15 Reasons To Invest in Bali Right Now:

  1. The stable political situation according to international surveys and one of the biggest democracies in the world.
  2. A powerful economy, one of the biggest in the world, and the only one in South-East Asia to be in the G20. To monitor the economic situation in Bali and Indonesia, follow our News page.
  3. The 4th world populated country with a strong domestic market with one-third of the world’s richest people living here and in the Asia Pacific region.
  4. Abundant natural resources and extraordinarily beautiful islands. 
  5. The diverse fast-growing property market offers all types of real estate from land to luxury villas for sale and ready-to-open businesses. There are a few factors that investors should consider choosing Bali property for sale.
  6. High returns on investment guaranteed: from 8% to 30% yearly depending on the location. Daily rates are high on average and yet houses for rent have very high occupancy throughout the whole year. 
  7. 100% foreign ownership is officially allowed contrary to other popular countries in SEA. Buyers and investors can buy property in Bali as individuals or under a foreign-owned company. 
  8. Bali has proven itself as a good investment destination among foreigners: TOP-3 countries investing the most in Bali are Singapore, China, and Australia. The 4th country has recently become the USA. Foreign investors bring in quarterly around 6-7 billion dollars.
  9. The year-round high season with good surfing and adventures attracts hundreds of million tourists yearly. More and more digital nomads, families, and retirees are moving to Bali from all over the world. Daily, monthly, and yearly rental businesses are thriving. 80% of Bali’s economy comes from tourism.
  10. Easy-to-enter investments market with only USD 50 000 – 200 000 depending on location and type of property. 
  11. The government officially supports foreign investments and encourages private investors to buy property by introducing special ownership titles, legal entities, and regulations. Investing in Bali is not only profitable but also safe and legal. 
  12. Active development of the island: around 14 infrastructure initiatives for 2020-2024 were created to improve Bali’s facilities, including drinking water, and roads, and make it even more attractive for international tourists. 
  13. Affordable living. For those who are planning to invest in real estate in Bali and live here, the monthly budget will vary depending on the needs and size of the family. Yet, it is possible to happily live on the island for USD 1500.
  14. Locations are diverse from shiny coast to misty mountains. You can easily own a few places in Bali in different zones and enjoy beachfront living or walking along the lake. 
  15. Multicultural community. The 3 main religions in Bali among the local population are Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. Charming ceremonies, beautiful temples, traditions passing through generations – Balinese culture is strong even with such a large presence of tourism. Expats, at the same time, bring their own cultures from all over the world. Today, the community is friendly, tolerant, and welcoming. 

Harcourts has published a full article on reasons to invest in Bali real estate in 2022 to help you make a decision whether you’re planning to rent, buy or sell your property.

How to Live and Work from Bali?

If your dream is to live in Bali and work from paradise first of all you have to plan your relocation. Have a steady source of income, whether it’s from freelancing, online work, or running your own business in your country. Decide on your visa status keeping in mind that not all visas available for tourists allow foreigners to work or volunteer. 

Finally, before moving to Bali, come here for the holidays. Get to know the local community and learn about the culture, and explore the island to find a comfortable place to live in the future that suits your budget and lifestyle. Finally, make some friends and enjoy the incredible beaches, natural beauty, and laid-back lifestyle that Bali has to offer!

If you are about to relocate to Bali, you have 3 options:

  1. Long-term rent – you can find an apartment or a house in the area you like and rent it monthly, for 6 or 12 months, or even for a few years. Rent is cheaper than owning a property and renting long-term helps you plan your budget and keeps you safe from market fluctuations. 
  2. If you have a budget of USD 200 000 – 500 000, you can buy a villa or apartment for your family for at least 25 years and secure comfortable living and legal ownership of the property. The landowner won’t be able to evict you. Don’t have time to browse hundreds of listings? Harcourts prepared top-13 villas for sale in Bali right now for you!
  3. Finally, if you have time and would like to start a property development business or just build your own dream villa, you can buy affordable land in Bali and build your house. In this case, you will probably have to rent a place until the villa is done. Alternatively, some investors prefer land banking – buying the land cheaper and holding it while it grows in value to resell it or develop in the future. 

Harcourts Purba Bali got you covered no matter what your decision is. We can assist you in finding a perfect long-term house for rent or to choose a location to buy a villa in Bali. For those who prefer owning the land, we offer more than 300 land plots to choose from. 

What property to invest in Bali?

When you’re planning to invest in Bali real estate, you start by browsing listings online and logically question your choice: what is better for investments? A piece of land, an apartment, or a turnkey villa? The real estate market in Bali is extremely diverse due to location choices from jungles to beaches and to property abundance. 

There are 5 main types of property Harcourts recommend investing in Bali: 

  • Buy land all across Bali and outer islands to secure better prices and have more freedom in building an ideal house. 
  • Villas for sale in tourist hubs for families and investors with a larger budget. Bali real estate offers beachfront property for sale as well as luxury villas.
  • Apartments in the newest developments in popular areas. We are currently keeping an eye on these promising Bali apartments for sale.
  • Off-plan property for individual buyers on a budget.
  • The commercial property allows you to start a successful business in a foreign country and diversify your portfolio. You can reopen a cafe or resort in the popular tourist hub and create a new source of income. 

Harcourts Purba Bali always goes the extra mile and we provide the list of the hottest suburbs in Bali to invest in property, as well as explain in detail how to legally buy property in Bali. The most popular choices among investors remain villas and land for sale in tourist areas such as Canggu, Seminyak, and Pererenan. 

Can foreigners buy property in Bali? 

A foreigner can legally buy and own property in Bali for many years or decades, yet, not indefinitely. Only Indonesian citizens can fully own land or a house. 

The Indonesian government has facilitated the purchase and ownership transfer from locals to foreigners and made it completely legal since 2015 (Government Regulation No. 103/2015) under certain circumstances: you have to acquire a special ownership title and permits for your house, hire a legal team and notary and register your contract. 

If you’re buying property to run a business, you will have to set up a PT PMA – a 100% foreign-owned company officially recognized by the Indonesian government. PMA stands for Perseroan Terbatas Penanaman Modal Asing which translates into “limited liability company with foreign direct investment.” 

Ownership titles to buy property in Bali are regulated by Government Regulation 18 of 2021 (GR 18/2021) with Right to Use (Hak pakai) and Right of Lease (Hak Sewa, leasehold) being the most popular and safe choices for foreigners. 

To clarify the ownership for foreigners, the Harcourts team has published a Full ownership guide to buy property in Bali, which will help you better understand how it works in practice.

Whether you’re looking to buy property in Bali for residential purposes only or to start a business, all villas, land, and apartments listed with Harcourts Purba Bali are guaranteed to be legally cleared and ready to be owned by foreigners. Our legal team undertakes a thorough check of each property and we are ready to explain all nuances to our homeowners-to-be.

What are the costs of buying and owning a property in Bali

Before you invest or relocate to another country, planning is the essential step, and, especially, budgeting. Harcourts Purba Bali is here to help you have an idea of what are the actual costs of buying, building, or managing a property in Bali.

1. Land prices
If you’re thinking of buying land in Bali, the prices will depend on location and the status of the land. The closer to the beach, the better-developed area, the higher the prices are. For instance, the most popular suburbs among tourists and expats such as Canggu, Seminyak, Pererenan, Legian, and Nusa Dua or Jimbaran price 100 sqm at USD 6100 – 27 000.

At the remote locations, with beautiful beaches and views, land prices will start from USD 300-400 per year per are for a leasehold.

If we are about to buy a 300 sqm plot in Canggu for a standard period of 25 years under our own name, as we don’t want to open a company, we will have to pay 3x25x6100= around USD 457 500 for this land.

Harcourts Purba Bali has created a simple 5-step guide on how to safely buy land in Bali for foreign investors and individual buyers, along with 5 common mistakes to avoid hunting for land for sale in Bali.

2. Villa prices
Villas for sale in Bali are numerous and versatile: from investment-only one-bedroom compact houses to splendid cliff-top mansions with infinity pools and hectares of garden. To buy a villa in Bali accommodates a budget of USD 200 000 – 300 000. If you’re looking for something truly exceptional, such a villa can cost up to a few million dollars.

If you’re thinking about buying a house in Bali, make sure you read Harcourts 8 Do’s and Don’ts for future Bali homeowners.

How much does it cost to build a villa in Bali?

Another popular option is to build your own perfect villa. You have a concept, the architect does his magic and in 6 to 12 months you will be living in a house made according to all your requirements. And it will be brand-new, so you don’t have to worry about previous owners and renters and the deterioration of the villa. Here are Harcourts’ 21 tips on how to buy a villa in Bali and be sure it’s legal and will last long.

The building in Bali varies from 6 to 12 million IDR (USD 400 to 800) per sq m depending on the size, finishing material, and structural designs of your villa. However, keep in mind that due to the seismic activity, proximity to the ocean, and humidity, there are some limitations to what is possible to build in Bali.

Alternatively, you can buy an off-plan property. The concept and costs are already calculated, you can make some minor edits and let the developer build it for you. The cost of such a house starts from USD 100 000 in quite popular areas. 

In our blog, Harcourts experts share some tips on how to find houses for sale in Bali for cheap (under USD 150 000), check the article to make smarter investments!

3. Legal costs

Costs of owning the property in Bali include legal checks such as due diligence, applying for necessary permits, or setting up a company if needed. 

  • Before you buy land or property in Bali, your lawyers have to make sure it is safe to buy and has no legal issues. The due diligence process takes from a few days up to a couple of months and the prices vary depending on the agency. 
  • PMA set-up costs are hard to predict. You will have to put the prepaid capital of USD 175 000, but cover the costs of paperwork, notary fees, and investor visa costs. The paperwork may cost starting from USD 2500. 
  • If you bought land and plan to build on it, you will have to get an IMB – building permit. The costs vary depending on the region, size of the building, and whether you’re doing it yourself or through an agency, starting from USD 200 up to a few thousand. The process is quite complex and takes up to a few months. 
  • For rental purposes, you will need a “Pondok Wisata permit” if your guest house has 3 to 5 bedrooms or a Hotel license for more rooms. The processing of such permits takes a very long time, up to one year. Both licenses will need an extension after a few years. 
  • Taxes. Whenever you’re buying or selling a property in Bali, both seller and buyer are paying taxes: 2.5% of the value for the seller and 5% for the buyer for a freehold property, or 10% paid by the seller for a leasehold property. The taxes are usually paid with a notary presence, meaning you will have to cover notary fees as well. 
  • Other fees include notary fees for witnessing the signing of the contracts and registering it within the land office. It can be a fixed fee, 1.5% of the contract price, or another agreed sum. 

The legal team at Harcourts Bali specializes in residential and commercial property in Bali and we are ready to help you understand the process and costs. Talk to us if you need any legal advice to make a weighted property decision. 

4. Operating costs and maintenance

Operating costs are easy to overlook as they seem so distant. The tropical climate forces us to take very good care of the property itself, pool, garden, and land infrastructure. These costs are hard to predict but may include:

  1. Annual property tax,
  2. Insurance of the property, 
  3. Monthly staff costs, including cleaning, pool and garden maintenance, and maybe even cooking,
  4. Various expenses such as water, electricity, internet, etc.

How to safely buy real estate in Bali

  • Do your own research about the island.

Join Facebook groups for digital nomads in Bali or suburb communities to learn more about areas you’re interested in. Talk to your friends who have been to Bali or visit this beautiful island yourself for a short vacation. Make a list of what is your lifestyle and where in Bali you can get what you expect. 

When working with Harcourts Bali, we will advise you on what location will be better for you, as we live and work in Bali and know the island better than anyone, you can also read our blog to find out the 18 most beautiful beaches around Bali and 12 hotspots in real estate for sale.

Find a competent Bali property agent who has worked in this market for at least 5 or 10 years. It is better when the property agent is recognized by the Indonesian Real estate agency association and has its own legal team such as Harcourts Bali’s award-winning team working with international clients for over 20 years. 

  • Research the property market and ownership

Trying to quickly acquire all real estate knowledge will be difficult, challenging, and a little bit frustrating. However, you need to know the reality of what is possible for foreign investors and buyers. 

At Harcourts Bali, we are guiding our clients through all legal aspects to make sure they understand the pricing of the land or villas, and available ownership titles and can plan their budget accordingly. We care about your budget and time and we have already manually preselected more than 200 villas for sale and 300 land plots around Bali and the outer islands.

  • Make a shortlist of properties you like, visit them and check the paperwork. 

After browsing our selection of properties, bookmark a few you really like. Schedule an appointment with our team and the owner of the property and we will answer all your questions. We will also organize your visit to the property and nearby area. 

If you are working with a freelance real estate agent, they won’t have the qualifications to legally check the property. Hire a lawyer to receive a professional conclusion about the safety of your investments, and the ownership and tax status of the land of the villa you’ve chosen.

  • Draft a contract and sign in presence of a trusted notary.

Harcourts Legal team will draft a personalized contact to protect your transaction and property. We will invite a notary to witness, sign and stamp the contact. Our team will make sure the contract and your ownership title are registered officially. 

You will transfer the money, sign the contract and become a happy owner of a property in Bali! 

13 Hot Locations to Buy Property in Bali

To save you time, here are quick insights upfront. Keep reading our blog to learn more about each area and the house prices in Bali and the outer islands.  

  • Canggufor those who love surfing, socializing, parties, business meet-ups, and various eating out options. High prices on housing. Harcourts has created this Canggu real estate overview for investors and homeowners.
  • Pererenan – for people looking to live close to Canggu yet have more privacy, peace, and quiet. Various prices on housing.
  • West Coast for people tired of crowds looking to settle and surf. Affordable housing. 
  • Seminyak – the touristic hub with beach clubs, resorts, and cafes. High prices on housing.
  • Jimbaran – great for surfers, and families. For everyone who loves hill-top views and beautiful beaches. Various property prices.
  • Uluwatu is a surfing paradise with cliffs and property selection from bungalows to luxury villas. High prices on housing.
  • Kerobokan – residential area for affordable living and families. A stone’s throw from Canggu. Affordable prices on properties.
  • Nusa Duaultimate destination for elevated vacations, families with kids who love swimming, and retirees. High real estate prices.
  • Amed and Candidasa East coast is beautiful, sunny, and sits on hills running along the ocean. Ideal for divers, yoga lovers, and everyone who loves serenity. Hill-top and oceanfront properties here are quite expensive.
  • Ubudthe spiritual and cultural destination among tourists and expats. Living in jungles, next to rivers or waterfalls, yet far from the beach. Medium to high prices on houses for sale in this part of Bali.
  • Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penidaisland life for surfers or luxurious weekends for tourists. 
  • Gilis and Lombokare the second-best destinations after Bali with white-sand beaches, surfing and diving, oceanfront housing options, and a friendly expats community. 
  • Outer islands, for example, Sumbawa or Sumba – unspoiled land and nature for true explorers. 

Read our full overview of all 13 hotspots to hunt for houses for sale in Bali in our blog with prices and a brief description of each area – it will be easier to choose an ideal location for you!

How to sell property in Bali

Harcourts Purba Bali has become one of the most reliable property agencies with 900 offices across 9 countries. We created an international sales team that helps us sell property in Bali to clients from all over the world. 

If you want to sell your property in Bali, Harcourts can assist you and take all the responsibility. Our team has professional content makers and video operators to showcase the best of your property. Our marketing director, Andrew Campbell, will create a transparent and effective plan to sell your property fast and for a better price. Talk to us to find out what we can do for you!

Harcourts Purba Bali – Your Best Property Agent in Bali

Choosing the right property agent in Bali will determine the outcome of your property quest. Harcourts Bali has been working with international real estate for over 20 years and has come up with 7 tips to help you find your best property agent in Bali. The record sales, successful deals, and extraordinary customer service have brought the company to where it is today – an award-winning team with 900 offices across 9 countries.

The founder of Harcourts Purba Bali – Siti Salmah Purba was the first-ever property agent in Indonesia who was accepted to and successfully was working with an international clientele. Her unique experience and education in both real estate and the law allow her to be on the top of the most trusted property agencies in the world, leading a company with hundreds of offices across the globe.

Siti still manages the company and curates some properties in Bali and Lombok including villas and land. Her hard work and results led to national recognition by the official association of real estate brokers in Indonesia, AREBI. Partnership with NZREI-certified world’s real estate expert Eugene Shivnan strengthens Harcourts Purba Bali’s position. 

Today, Harcourts Bali is a team of more than 15 people with a dedicated legal team, sales experts with both local and international sales experience, and extensive knowledge of the Bali property market. Every 10 minutes a happy buyer purchases an ideal property selected and legally cleared by our team. Our offices are located in Bali and Nusa Lembongan. 

Schedule a meeting with our team or ask us any questions – we are ready to help you find your dream home in Bali, rent long-term, or buy land or a villa in Bali. Hundreds of investors and expats have bought a property in Bali with Harcourts, maybe it is your time now?

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We’ve been working with Harcourts Purba for a while now and we are very impressed with their commitment to providing excellent Realestate Services. They have been proactive in their searches and dealings and sensitive and understanding towards our needs in the various projects we’ve chosen them to be our partner in. Even though the Realestate Services market in Bali offers many options, we recommend Harcourts Purba to everyone who is keen to live and or invest in Bali or the surrounding islands. From the friendly and non-confronting atmosphere at their offices to their unparalleled local knowledge and great understanding of realestate markets and trends, you’d be hard pressed to find a better realtor.
by Dennis & Kristin Zwijnenburg
Siti, Eugene and the team have been very helpful in finding my dream property on Bali. They went the extra mile to make sure I got the villa I wanted. The whole process were very complicated as other agencies were involved, but with Siti and Eugene’s help I now own my dream villa. I am very satisfied and highly recommend them!
by Lili Tjandra
A million thanks to Siti and Eugene who helped us sell our Bali villa. It was a long process that required a lot of patience and that is why I really admire your dedication, perseverance and professionalism in closing the deal. Thank you for standing by us and guarding our interests throughout several years of rental management and ultimately the sales process itself – you did a fantastic job!
by Bojan Tercon

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