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Villa for sale in Bali can be an excellent investment, whether looking for a vacation home or a rental property. From white sand or black sand beaches to the lush mountains or tropical jungles – the diversity of landscapes and villas for sale in Bali is impressive. But how do you choose where and which villa to buy?  

There are many factors to consider when choosing a villa for sale in Bali. The location is important, of course, but you’ll also want to consider things like the size and style of the villa, the amenities, the ownership title, and whether it’s a resale or a new build.

Harcourts Purba Bali experts have prepared some tips and the best villas selection in this article.


  1. Location: Bali is a large island, so you must decide which part suits you. The popular tourist areas of Kuta and Seminyak or Canggu are great for those who want to be close to the action. At the same time, Ubud, Nusa Dua, or Pererenan are good choices for those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Size and style: Villa sizes can range from one bedroom to five or more, so consider how much space you need. Do you want a standalone villa or something that’s part of a resort? Would you prefer a modern villa or a traditional Balinese-styled Joglo?
  3. Amenities: Villa amenities vary widely, from private pools to full-service concierge. Consider what’s important to you and ensure the villa and area you choose to have everything you need.
  4. Resale or new build: Villa developments are popping up all over Bali, so you’ll have the choice of buying a resale villa, going for a brand-new build, or even buying an off-plan villa for sale. All options have pros and cons – it’s a matter of personal preference. Talk to Harcourts to evaluate your budget and requirements and select a perfect property type. 
  5. Ownership title: what are your budget and plan? Do you know what options are available for foreigners? Are you planning to live in Bali long-term or buy a villa to start investing in properties and opening a rental business? If you plan to live in Bali for a while and work from home, you can buy property in Bali under your name – leasehold. To start a business, you must set up a company and acquire a different ownership title – freehold. 


Several factors will affect the prices of the villas. We listed a number of them above, and now we’ll break down what to consider.VILLA FOR SALE IN BALI FOR EVERY BUDGET

Location: The villa’s location is one of the most significant factors influencing the price. Villas in more popular tourist areas such as Seminyak, Canggu, and Ubud are more expensive than those in less popular areas. You must choose if you want to be close to the hustle and bustle, with restaurants, gyms, and shops nearby, or if you would prefer the serenity of rice paddies or less popular areas. 

Size: This speaks for itself; the larger the villa, the higher the price. So you just need to decide if you want or need additional rooms for friends or family or to convert any rooms to offices or kids’ playrooms. How much space do you need?   

Condition: This is very important in Bali, a tropical island. If you have found a deal that is too good to be true, the first thing to check would be the villa’s condition and building quality. Is there mould, water damage, faulty electricity, broken floorboards or rotting wood? Talk to a qualified contractor to see what can be fixed with light renovations or what will give you continuous headaches. 

Amenities: Like the villa’s size, the more you want for amenities, the higher the price. Large gardens, a pool, indoor/outdoor living, garages, parking areas, storage areas, laundry services, security, and more can add more to the villa’s price. You must decide what you want and whether adding extra amenities is possible or cheaper. 

Off the plan: If you are buying a new villa, you might want to consider choosing one that is off-the-plan, meaning that the design is already completed by a contractor handling all the builds and permits. You will lose any freedom for design or personalisation for this option, but you can save yourself money and time by choosing an off-the-plan, brand-new villa. 

Market demand: To be honest, now is not the right time to find bargains for villas in Bali.l The demand is very high due to the population shifts after the pandemic. Much of the world realised it’s possible to work from anywhere, and thousands of digital nomads and remote workers have chosen Bali. That doesn’t mean you cannot find great villas for your budget; you just need to be diligent with your research and hire a great team of agents to help you.

Ownership type: If you are buying as a foreigner, the best way to go for the best price is leasehold, where you can find villas for 25-30 years, with extensions. Freehold villas tend to be more expensive than leasehold villas, and as a foreigner, you will also have to set up a PT PMA to purchase the property as an investment

Where Can you Find a Beachfront Villa for Sale in Bali?


It sounds like a dream or something you only see in the movies – owning a beachfront villa with endless sea views and opportunities to relax and soak in the island atmosphere. However, there are not a lot of villas for sale on the beach in Bali any longer. You may have to go far north or east or along the island’s west coast, far away from the tourist hotspots. Areas like Canggu, Seminyak, or Kuta rarely have affordable beachfront villas for sale. You may find your dream beachfront villa in Tabanan, Lovina, or Candidasa. You’ll certainly be more secluded, to enjoy your views in total serenity.  

If it’s the absolute beachfront you want, talk to our team, who can send you options that meet your preferences. Beachfront villas are widely popular for daily and monthly rent and are usually more expensive than properties further away from the beach without a view.

Where Can You Find a Jungle or Mountain Villa For Sale in Bali?VILLA FOR SALE IN BALI FOR EVERY BUDGET
Living in tropical forests or mountains can also be incredibly peaceful. It’s a different lifestyle than the beach and surfer life commonly associated with Bali. Closer to Ubud and further east to Sideman, you’ll find lush rainforests and endless terraces of rice paddies. In jungles, you can find a riverfront villa for sale and enjoy the sound of the raging river flow. Monkeys can even visit you in Ubud if you live remotely.

Further north, in Kintamani and Bedugal areas, the temperatures are much more relaxed, and the mountain and lake views are breathtaking. In the mountains of Bali, you can even warm up your fireplace during heavy rains or dark evenings while fireflies circle outside. 

If this sounds like more of your style, ask your team about our villas for sale in Bali’s mountains or jungle areas. 



Bali is at the top of the list when tourists think of a one-in-a-lifetime experience, luxury villas on the beaches or cliffs, infinity pools, and private parties with celebrities and influencers. The property market has a big slice of luxury villas for sale in Bali, and the demand was never so high. The prices go as high as you can imagine, up to dozens of millions of dollars for spacious, stylish, and well-designed luxury properties. Harcourts sells a villa every 10 minutes, and our team knows how to work with special requirements and preferences. Our wide selection of 200+ villas includes dozens created based on individual designs, using expensive and rare finishing materials, decorated with antiques, and overlooking the ocean, jungles, or rivers – whichever our clients prefer. We care to listen and always go the extra mile to deliver beyond your expectations.

With these factors in mind, start your search for the perfect villa for sale in Bali. Harcourts Purba Bali can help you find the right villa, whether you’re looking for a luxury villa or a more budget-friendly option. We have the latest listings for new villa developments and built villas all over Bali, so you can find the perfect villa for your needs. 

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I must say coming from Australia to Bali to buy land. With the dream to build a villa in paradise. .Was very nerve-racking. But luckily along the way.. after a few failed attempts.. I met a champion guy Eugene. Of Harcourts Canggu...A great bloke. Down to earth, very honest and experienced. He made my experience.. Very easy and made me feel I was in trusted hands.. which was my biggest concern.. As well along the way. I Had help from him. lovely family. and staff. I 100 percent...recommend him and his Team ..thank you 
by David Paterson
Siti, Eugene and the team have been very helpful in finding my dream property on Bali. They went the extra mile to make sure I got the villa I wanted. The whole process were very complicated as other agencies were involved, but with Siti and Eugene’s help I now own my dream villa. I am very satisfied and highly recommend them!
by Lili Tjandra
A million thanks to Siti and Eugene who helped us sell our Bali villa. It was a long process that required a lot of patience and that is why I really admire your dedication, perseverance and professionalism in closing the deal. Thank you for standing by us and guarding our interests throughout several years of rental management and ultimately the sales process itself – you did a fantastic job!
by Bojan Tercon
I would like to thank both Siti and Eugene and their staff. We are impressed by your professionalism and extremely happy with the result of closing the deal and working with us hand in hand to make sure that all the legal aspects of the deal have been dealt very professionally. Thank you again ... we are fully satisfied and highly recommend Siti and Eugene to anyone who would like to find a property in Bali or Lombok
by Eddie and Jane Walters
Dear Siti thanks again for what you and your staff have done to be able to complete the deal. We are impressed by your professionalism and responsiveness and your kindness throughout this process. We are extremely happy with the result.
by Alex and Beurt Van Heerigen
Siti Purba and Eugene Shivnan are my trusted Property Agents in Bali/Indonesia. Since I started acquiring Villas in 2011. I have turned to them not only for purchasing properties. But many times simply for advice, or a friendly ear. They remain at the pinnacle of their game, and will provide factual information and data. Even if it means a deal not come their way from it! This impartially makes them special in an industry not known for it. I recommend them as individuals and Real Estate Professionals, without hesitation.
by Richard Ernster

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