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Bali Real Estate for Sale: 12 Hotspots Around Bali

The boom in Bali real estate for sale is real and it gets bigger every year. According to the Investment Coordinating Council (BKPM) at the beginning of 2023 Bali real estate has seen the biggest growth over the past 10 years – the investments grew by 28.5%. Every quarter foreign investors bring in the Bali real estate at least USD 6-7 billion. 

While this island of Gods is the ultimate sweet spot for so many investors and travelers, not all locations have the same potential. Harcourts Purba Bali is here to share 12 hotspots around Bali that you have to check out before you make your decision. 

Is Bali a good place to buy a property?

It is absolutely worth buying a villa in Bali no matter what your purpose is: have it as your second home or start an Airbnb business. Bali offers a variety of properties for sale and most importantly has proven high returns on investments and a relatively simple process of purchasing a villa or land. 

Today, buying real estate in Bali is safe and profitable. The Indonesian government supports foreign investors, and the stable economy and high demands have proven returns higher than 8% per year. 

12 Hotspots around Bali to hunt for real estate for sale

  • Canggu Bali Real Estate for Sale

Batu Bolong, Berawa, and neighboring Pererenan are the main beachfront hubs in the Canggu area for digital nomads, high-end tourism, and nightlife.

Only Pererenan is more relaxed and grounded: it is a more residential, greener area to live in. Technically, it is not Canggu, but Munggu suburb, but they are so close that people often consider them price-wise on the same level. 

Berawa is home to the biggest and most luxurious beach clubs and recreational center, while Batu Bolong is a surfer « town » with morning surf, work in cafes, sunset on the beach, and dance night in a bar. Batu Bolong has some luxury hotels, restaurants, and villas to offer. Yet, the beaches in Canggu are not the most picturesque in Bali. 

Real estate for sale in this part of Bali is on the expensive end and the supply is very scarce. The market is full of all sorts of properties for sale, yet less and less land is left available and affordable.

  • Nusa Dua and Sanur Bali Real Estate for Sale

Sanur and Nusa Dua are beachfront areas on the East coast of Bali. They are perfect for elder couples and families, and the expatriate community is super friendly here. 

Most luxurious 5-star hotels stand in line on the beach in Nusa Dua creating amazing walking trails and offering fine dining in the restaurants open to the public.

Although the areas may seem like tourism only, there are more changes coming. The 2 top universities in the USA and China are planning to recreate here “Balinese Silicon Valley” – they are building their campuses in Nusa Dua and planning to finish them in late 2022. 

A lot of villas and land parcels are available here, but, due to the elevated tourism in the area, the property prices are quite high in Nusa Dua. 

  • Seminyak Real Estate for Sale

Seminyak rests in between Kuta and Canggu and represents a nice mix between tourism and long-term living, yet more focused on tourists with its beachfront resorts and hotels, and proximity to Kuta – the oldest tourist center in Bali. Seminyak is made for those on a vacation, looking to spend some time on the beach or in a beach club, shopping, and dining out. 

The real estate for sale in Seminyak is quite expensive, as all the area from Kuta to Canggu is highly attractive both for investors betting on high profit and for tourists ready to pay for a night in a 5-star resort or a villa. 

  • Seseh and Cemagi Real Estate for Sale

Right after Pererenan, there are two serene areas with endless rice fields, beautiful and uncrowded beaches, and a small community. Digital nomads love to rent long-term villas here as the area allows them to focus on work and daily routine.

Both areas are just a stone’s throw from Canggu yet the distance factor plays its role and the real estate market here is slightly cheaper and more diverse than in the heart of Canggu: there is more land available and a few villas or villa complexes both for rent and sale. 

  • Gianyar and Ubud Real Estate for Sale

The spiritual and royal capital of Bali – Ubud – is a lush paradise, yet, with no beach. Waterfalls, beautiful jungles, a strong community, and our friends – monkeys – can briefly describe Ubud to you.

Many yoga instructors, coaches, families, vegans, and eco enthusiasts are joining the slower-paced life in Ubud. 

Real estate for sale in Ubud is affordable and both land and villa markets are abundant. 

  • Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida Real Estate for Sale

Nusa islands are considered a part of Bali and it takes around 2 hours to get to these little lush gems with beautiful water, surf spots, and serenity. Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan are two tiny islands yet they have amazing accommodation and eating out options – this place is perfect for a peaceful retreat on the beach. If you’re an advanced surfer you can also try yourself and catch some waves on the west coast of the island.

Big Brother – hilly Nusa Penida island – is one of the top tourism destinations. A 2-3 day trip here will be packed with amazing views, including the famous T-Rex island and picturesque beaches. The whole island is so beautiful to ride around that you can’t miss this opportunity! Life takes place mostly only on the west coast next to the port with cafes, shops, and resorts. 

Opportunities for buying real estate in the Nusa islands? Plenty! From beachfront plots to a piece of land sitting on top of the hill overlooking the ocean. The market is at an early stage yet growing fast. The prices are incomparably lower than in Bali and many spacious lots are available for sale. 

  • Uluwatu Real Estate for Sale

Surfers’ paradise – Uluwatu – is famous for its pristine beaches, turquoise waters, nice surf breaks, and pretty cliffs. It is also the most southern part of Bali. Bars, cafes, and shops are spread around Uluwatu and neighboring villages offering everything you need for your everyday life. 

If you are missing the Canggu hustle and don’t want to ride 40 min there, you can still join a dance party in one of the top beach clubs in Bali – Savaya. 

The land has extremely high value here due to its breathtaking cliff and ocean views. However, you can still close a very beneficial deal for prices lower than real estate for sale in the rest of Bali. 

  • West Coast Real Estate for Sale

After living a few years in the Canggu buzz some nomads and families get tired of the crowd and traffic and look for a more peaceful and quiet area to move in. The West Coast is the place to look into! 

The beaches are black and shiny, surrounded by coconut and palm trees, Balinese temples, and small villages still guarding the true Bali experience. 

The real estate for sale in this part of Bali is extremely cheap and the land plots for sale are very spacious. You can buy a former rice field land or a whole coconut plantation. 

At the same time, regional regulations take good care of the environment and monitor closely how much land can be sold and used for building, making sure the beauty of the island won’t be lost. In fact, some of the rice fields on the West Coast are considered UNESCO world heritage.

  • Remote islands Real Estate for Sale

Indonesia is the world’s largest island country with more than 17 000 islands of all sizes dotted in the Indian and Pacific oceans. Bali is not the only one. Bali is the most popular yet the most crowded and one of the most polluted, which are two sides of the same coin. 

If you’re looking to explore the true Indonesia and off-beat paths, you have to travel to Flores, Komodo, Sumbawa, Sumba, and other smaller islands. You will be surprised how dramatically different the real estate market is compared to Bali. You can own a beachfront land of 7000 sq m in Sumba for only USD 115 000. 

The views, nature, and population on the outer islands are unbelievably welcoming and unique. Have a glimpse of cheap real estate in remote islands on our website. 

  • North Bali and Lovina Real Estate for Sale

Coming from western countries, tourists and investors sometimes miss one thing…cooler weather! North of Bali, especially the Bedugul area, is ideal for those who are missing wearing a sweater or more European landscape: lakes nestled in the mountain valley, strawberry and hortensia farms, cool air, misty mornings, and rains are all parts of the life here. One of the best resorts in Bali – Handara Golf resort is also located here.

More to the North, Singaraja and Lovina areas were once dedicated to becoming the capital of Bali and remain well-organized remote suburbs with beachfront accommodation, swimming with turtles, snorkeling, and…its own beer brand. 

It is a 3-hour drive to get from Canggu to Singaraja, but it is also very close to the biggest commercial route to the main Indonesian island – Java, and the capital city – Jakarta.

  • Gili Islands and Lombok Real Estate for Sale

Lombok and Gili islands are one of the TOP-3 development priorities of the Indonesian tourism board. Not only is Lombok home to an international airport (a 30-min flight from Bali), it is now the destination to watch MotoGP with the enormous circuit finished in 2021. The real estate on the island is growing extremely fast and it is known already for pulling more and more foreign investments. Lombok will soon repeat the economic success of Bali.

On the other hand, Lombok does not follow its neighbor’s steps in terms of environment and development. It is considered to be an eco-tourism destination where nature and humans can co-exist together without creating pollution. 

Mandalika project – the biggest ecosystem for sustainable luxury tourism and education – is being built right now. Many more developers have brought their eco-friendly projects to Lombok, creating sustainable villages, charity foundations, and education centers with respect for local culture and nature. 

The time and volcanos sprinkled Gili islands around Lombok. They are tiny hidden gems for snorkeling, swimming with turtles and diving, and just relaxing on the beach next to the turquoise water enjoying amazing views of Mount Rinjani. 

The good news is that real estate prices in Lombok or Gilis are insanely cheap compared to those in Bali. Spacious lots on hills or beachfront prime villas are available in Lombok, with all necessary infrastructure and legal paperwork cleared. 

  • Jimbaran Real Estate for Sale

Bukit is a large Bali real estate market gaining more attention from developers and investors. And it is reasonable: a lot of the world’s leading hotel chains are here benefiting from almost 100% occupancy year-round. 

Jimbaran is historically and remains now a big fisher village and it has the biggest and best fresh seafood market on the island that is worth trying! It also has the biggest park – GWK to walk or watch the traditional Balinese dances. Numerous properties are spread across hills and valleys.

Bukit is home to so many fantastic beaches: Dreamland, Melasti, Balangan, and Nyang Nyang beaches are among the most beautiful in Bali. Uluwatu itself is also part of the Bukit peninsula.

All these factors are starting to affect the real estate for sale in Bali. Today, parts of Bukit are as expensive to buy property as Canggu or Kuta, yet there are some hidden gems you can find if you have access to exclusive deals. 

At Harcourts Purba Bali, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the real estate market in Bali and update our hotspots list regularly as we are based in Bali and working in the property field every day. If you have questions and can’t decide what area is best for you, talk to us


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