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Bali Real Estate: An Island Haven For Digital Nomads

Bali has been very popular within the digital nomad community. Over the past decade, Bali has grown into the most diverse digital hub in Southeast Asia. Being No. 5 in the world and No. 1 Choice in Asia, Bali welcomed its highest influx of digital nomads in 2020. Especially in the Canggu area, this sudden stream inevitably impacts the housing and Bali real estate market on a positive note.

Canggu, Bali real estate, and the surrounding areas of Pererenan and Berawa, is the main hub of the digital nomad activity in Bali. It has everything that’s supporting a big-city lifestyle in a small town where rice fields and surfing spots are in proximity. Those who used to live in uptown New York City would still get their breakfast supply from the deli down the road in Berawa.

Homesickness—if you are experiencing it at all, will be minimised as the area has everything you need from proper gym facilities with Olympic sized swimming pools (the water is warm), yoga studios, to chic cafes serving decent breakfast packages with freshly-brewed coffees, and most importantly, the internet connection is fast (18Mbps). This is a decent lifestyle with half the cost of living in big cities like New York or Los Angeles!

Bali villa prices are affordable for buying or long-term rental

Bali is a beautiful island paradise that caters to tourists that have also become a dream destination for long-term stays or relocation. Expatriates from around the world enjoy a tropical beach lifestyle, with the amenities of fine dining restaurants on the weeknights, and their hobbies with everything from surfing, golf, scuba diving, paragliding, pottery, to watersports.  

With the market shifting from being a tourist spot to a digital nomad hub, Bali real estate for rent has become more appealing to those thinking of relocating long-term or buying a second home. The main appeal is the price, the yearly rental for a fully furnished 4-bedroom villa in Berawa with a swimming pool and ensuites and kitchen is the same price as a quarterly rental for a 2-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. Whether sharing the villa with your friends or living in it with your family, you are still saving a lot of money by choosing to live in Bali.

Our team at Harcourts Purba Bali has hand-picked rental properties and villas for lease for you to choose from. We understand planning to move abroad could be overwhelming, if you have any questions, please contact us. Our dedicated team is able to offer clients unparalleled support and assistance at whatever stage of the journey you are on.

Bali relocation for networking and digital jobs

The easy way to start your networking game is by buying a membership in a coworking space. In Canggu, there are Outpost, Dojo, and the most hyped, B-work. Each coworking space offers its own perks, from skillshare programs to work-life balance programs. One thing for sure is that this community consists of people from so many walks of life. 

You will be surprised to hear the type of conversation you would overhear in cafes or restaurants in Canggu—no different than the one you would overhear in Silicon Valley (some would call Canggu as Silicon Bali) or Berlin. Because indeed, people are coming from all over the world for all-year sunlight and high-quality life.

After a few luncheons, you will discover how varied these people’s professions are. There is clinical psychologist, NFT artists, teachers, financial advisor, social media manager, graphic designer, life coach, hedge fund manager, professional athletes, YouTube personality, e-commerce manager, cryptocurrency trader, business consultant, app developer, copywriter, video editor… the list goes onthanks to Zoom and cloud storage. The ever-evolving world of digital communication has opened many avenues for working remotely from Bali 

The most popular accommodation options in Canggu are yearly or monthly rental villas. It’s suitable for those not wanting to stay long-term in Bali. However, Bali tends to have an effect on people that makes them stay much longer than they planned. So you may want to consider investing in Bali real estate when you find yourself feeling so much at home on the island. 

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Bali real estate market transitioning from a tourist destination into a digital nomad centric

Bali as a whole is certainly prepared for this transition from being a tourist destination into the hub for digital nomads. All year of sunlight, colorful community, inexpensive housing, and high-end lifestyle. Bali continues to attract all kinds of people from around the world.

It’s not too late to jump into the Bali real estate investment boat. Harcourts Purba Bali as an award-winning property agent still has a few listings available (and more coming). From an off the plan property, land for sale and for lease, to luxurious villas, we have them all for you to choose from.

Be well informed before purchasing land as a foreign investor to avoid common mistakes investors made while investing in Bali.

Let’s break down your investment plan, our team at Harcourts Purba Bali will be glad to guide you every step of the way, share more tips and relevant information around property rentals and purchasing property in Bali. 

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