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Encouraging safe tourism, tiket.com partners with Antis to ensure hygienic traveling

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–   /   Fri, March 5, 2021   /   07:31 pm

In a bid to help local tourism, tiket.com provides a safe traveling experience by adhering strongly to the cleanliness, healthy and safe environmental standards amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This will be easily aided by the support of Antis, which is supplying hand sanitizers.

Previously, tiket.com had worked together with Antis when it supplied the online travel agent platform with hand sanitizers to be distributed across its hotel partners in a campaign called “tiketCLEAN”. In 2020, tiket.com announced its commitment to work hand-in-hand with various collaborators in a collective effort to help the local tourist sector recover.

Inherent in these collaborations, Indonesians are continuously reminded to maintain their discipline in sticking to the health protocols advised by the government especially during their travels.

As a result of the most recent collaboration that was established on Feb. until 4 May, customers will feel secure whenever they are staying at tiket.com’s hotel partners. The reason is that the accommodations are already well-equipped with ready-to-use Antis hand sanitizers. Currently, the collaboration covers tiket.com’s hotel partners in Indonesia’s top-three tourism destinations Yogyakarta, Bali, West Nusa Barat and East Nusa Tenggara.

Moreover, guests can automatically access the hand-sanitizing kits whenever they book their stay in hotels across these regions which bear the “tiketCLEAN” logo on their tiket.com page. The hand-sanitizing kits will then be handed out individually whenever they check in to their hotels.

This provides convenience for customers, as the logo on tiket.com’s accommodation page helps distinguish the hotels that guarantee the availability of hand-sanitizing kits from those that do not.

Guests will find comfort in the hotels that partner with tiket.com as the hand-sanitizing kits will be prepared for them. Hence, they need not worry about bringing their own. Besides contributing to safety measures for guests, the campaign also strives to help travelers simplify decision making about which accommodation they should choose based on health and hygiene considerations for their trips.

Ryan Tirta, chief sales and marketing, Enesis Group, as well as owner of the Antis brand, said that they were able to tap into the online travel platform’s consumer base by cooperating with tiket.com. Thus, reaching out to more Indonesians. “From the get-go, Antis has always committed itself to protecting Indonesians’ health,” he added.

In addition, guests can also enjoy additional benefits from the collaboration between tiket.com and Antis. This includes up to 60 percent discount for hotel room rates, with an additional 9 percent discount along with up to Rp. 500,000 (US$35.05) in price cuts. To enjoy these benefits, guests can simply make a minimum transaction of Rp 300,000 through tiket.com. Therefore, do not hesitate to put in the TIKETANTIS promo code to enjoy these special rates.

The best deal from exclusive hotel partners are The Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali starts from Rp 1,089,000; Le Grande Bali starts from Rp 270.000; Qunci Villas starts from Rp 773,000; Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort starts from Rp 1,149,500; Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa and Spa starts from Rp 1,153,000; Aruna Senggigi Resort and Convention starts from Rp 481,000; Blu-Zea Resort by Double-Six starts from Rp 359.000; Asvara Villa Ubud starts from Rp 502,000, and Golden Palace Hotel Lombok starts from Rp 398,000.

The tiketCLEAN campaign is a brilliant solution launched by tiket.com in its effort to support the government’s policies that help mitigate coronavirus infection rates while stimulating the recovery of Indonesia’s tourism.

Besides attaching tiketCLEAN to the hotel page on the tiket.com platform, the label is also pasted throughout the hotel compound. As a result, tiket.com’s data indicate that hotel partners involved in the tiketCLEAN program have enjoyed a considerable increase in the number of visits, reservations and booking confirmations from consumers.

The same data from tiket.com also indicate that typically guests stay for multiple nights rather than one night in these hotels.

The fact that tourism can still attract new customers — especially in the hotels mentioned above – with proper health and hygiene programs, has made tiket.com ecstatic regarding the recovery of Indonesia’s tourism sector amid the pandemic.

“We are optimistic that 2021 will mark the revival of the local tourist sector, which is primarily driven by the gradual provision of the vaccine all across Indonesia, which might boost local travel demand,” said Cisyelya Bunyamin, accommodation vice president, tiket.com.

Various forecasts have also predicted that travel demand in Southeast Asia will rise in 2021. A positive trend that will also be spurred by the fact that some countries have already opened their travel boundaries for several countries including Indonesia. All these positive new trends are also boosted by the ongoing vaccine drive.

“While waiting for the vaccination program to reach a critical mass, we still need to strictly practice health protocols, wherever we happen to be,” Cisyelya said.

Aside from providing hand sanitizers to encourage a healthy and hygienic lifestyle among travelers, tiket.com has also been amping up its various social campaigns to constantly remind the public of the importance of discipline in terms of safety protocols.

On top of that, tiket.com also provides free travel insurance for their customers, Free Protection covers life protection, healthcare services as well as compensation for travelers in the case of illnesses or accidents. Also, tiket.com is providing COVID-19 PCR and antigen swab tests for its guests, which can be easily reserved for their upcoming travels through the tiket.com application.

To help users decide on travel itineraries, tiket.com has also expanded its tiketCLEAN feature for its transportation partners. It will help travelers to find the safest transportation providers during their trips. Additionally, the tiketFLEXI feature also allows customers to change their travel dates until as late as the end of 2021 bearing in mind the life changes that can occur unexpectedly during the pandemic.



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