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‘Diamond Sanur’ Super Marina slated to become Bali’s best tourism centre

Plans for Diamond Sanur will make it the largest ‘Super Marina’ in Southeast Asia.
Images courtesy of Bali Investment Trust

A group of international investors have plans to develop a Super Marina in Sanur with a range of record-breaking attractions as part of a tourism master plan for Bali and Indonesia’s eastern islands.

In recent reports published by Kompas and Bali Post, an international investment fund called the Bali Investment Trust, are in talks with Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) to develop projects in Bali and Indonesia worth USD 1.5 billion, which is close to IDR 21 trillion.

The fund is formed by investment groups of companies from the UAE, Europe and Russia.

Kompas report that the Indonesian Embassy in the Russian Federation together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Tourism held an Indonesia-Russia Business Forum 2019 where three tourism projects were presented and are now being realized.

The three key projects being discussed are Diamond Sanur, MiraFlores and Majestic Bangli.

MiraFlores and Majestic Bangli

MiraFlores hopes to be able to develop hundreds of uninhabited islands especially around the Flores Sea for both public and private use, by developing resorts and infrastructure for seaplanes.

While Majestic Bangli hopes to build seven internationally-themed tourism objects in and around Kintamani in the hills of central/north Bali in an attempt to drive tourists to other areas of the island that have largely been overlooked and under-visited.

Diamond Sanur

The most controversial project however, is geared around the development of Serangan, just to the south of Sanur on Bali’s east coast. Even though news of the area’s development has been circulating since 2018, it is only since the recent socialization of the project to local residents and village leaders that local newswires have been able to provide some clarity around what is being planned.

Details and next steps were apparently discussed at a meeting attended by Bendesa Sanur, I Gusti Alit Agung Kencana and Assistant Deputy Services of the Indonesian Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs, Okto Irianto, and followed by the signing of an MOU to confirm the government and investors were serious with their intention to move forward.

According to reports, local residents appear to have welcomed the plan believing it will increase the number of tourists to the Sanur area, which has been suffering from low numbers in recent years.

The Diamond Sanur project is ambitious to say the least, but the hope is that it will not only make Sanur the centre of tourism in Bali and draw more visitors, but will also increase and improve vocational training facilities and the availability of better and higher paying jobs.

Diamond Sanur’s official website suggests the following proposed plans and developments will be rolled out:

  1. The largest ‘Super Marina’ in Southeast Asia (for yachts and cruise ships)
  2. The biggest concert venue in Asia with a floating stage
  3. Sports venue to host the World Aquatic Championships in Bali
  4. The longest beach walk in Asia
  5. Shopping complexes
  6. The largest outdoor swimming pool in Indonesia
  7. The largest open beach club in the world
  8. Bali’s largest fish, fruit and vegetable markets
  9. The largest number of fish restaurants in one place in Bali

The official website goes on to explain that Sanur was chosen because of its road accessibility, existing infrastructure of hotels and shops and its ability to absorb large numbers of tourists. But key to this is the support of the local community and administration.

All facilities will apparently be designed, built and maintained to international environmental standards and have minimal environmental impact.



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