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Top 5 reasons why your next real estate investment should be in Bali

Most investments begin with a dream. Why not dream in paradise and buy a Villa on the island of Bali?

Dream to grow your wealth and live a comfortable life in Bali, while enjoying the lush green fields, warm and sunny weather all-year round, exotic places of rice paddies, mountains and beaches, all within a short distance from your next property investment.

With years of experience in Bali property sales, Harcourts Purba knows that investments entail a lot of thought and analysis before coming to a decision. Being in the real estate industry and having dealt with a lot of clients from all over the world, it is safe to say that people always try to make conscious and smart decisions when it comes to financial matters, and you need the best guidance and advice from the top property agents and experts in Bali.

Why should Bali be your next real estate investment? Here are the Top Five reasons brought by the real estate specialists straight from Bali!

1. Bali is one of the top destinations to visit in the world.

Bali is always at the top of the list when it comes to travel destinations, and there’s a reason why. It’s a destination where you’ll find everything in one place. Beaches, volcanoes, Komodo dragons and elephants, orangutans and tigers. Not to mention picturesque rice paddies, upscale restaurants, bars and hotels with spectacular sea and mountain views.

There’s always something to do, there’s always an adventure waiting to happen in this paradise island, making it a must-visit destination in the world, together on the list with places like Paris or Rome.

Imagine if you can have your own home right on the island? You can experience the ultimate island living, and the best lifestyle investment you’ll make.


2. Real estate is one of the few investments that becomes stronger with time. In Bali, most foreigners prefer to purchase leasehold properties..

Dealing with loans and mortgages in a foreign country can be cumbersome to a lot of people, which is why most choose a long-term rental home, which you can keep as a business option when investing property in Bali.

With time, the value of property on the island continues to increase. Business-minded individuals and holiday seekers who have already invested in real estate within the island have seen a return of their investment through the revenue returns. Property purchases are now rented out and is continuously accumulating profits on weekly, monthly and yearly basis, even after taxes and property maintenance.


3. The real estate market in Bali has been stable with a promise of good ROI.

Bali offers great potential when it comes to land areas, whether in a heavily dense location like Seminyak, or a more tranquil spot in Northern Bali. The most important aspect in real estate investment in Bali is finding the right spot. If you could find a property within a great area, you’ll get your return in less than 5 years. With the help of an experienced real estate agent who knows the island, you’ll be sure of a good investment.

4. The property value in comparison to other countries is more affordable. As long as you have a good amount in your bank account, you’ll be able to afford property in Bali and live a generous life.

The cost of living, together with the value of land and property is generally more affordable than in other paradise islands in the world. The value for every dollar can get you more, and therefore, you’ll be able to invest more.
Your investment in Bali’s real estate can help you achieve financial security and can help your wealth grow. A property investment is one that you can physically see, feel and own.

5. Laws and regulations in Indonesia are generally stable, and are friendly to businessmen.

The country is aware that foreign investment is important for the growth of the economy, which is why it’s become easier to own property in the recent years. The process of investment is relatively easy, and all that is required is the right guidance and advice from a trusted real estate agent.

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