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Leveraging Business in Ramadan through Content Creator Marketing

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – As the world’s largest Muslim-populated nation, Indonesia sees an increase in economic activity during Ramadan. For businesses, it is one of the key moments to reach out to consumers.

According to IDN Media internal data, a media platform company with the targeted audiences of Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia, there are four peak hours during Ramadan, namely during the pre-dawn meal, afternoon break, before breaking the fast, and after Tarawih prayers at night.

Winston Utomo, CEO of IDN Media said as a one-stop media platform for Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia, IDN Media fully understands the brand partners’ need to maximize business opportunities during Ramadan month. “Therefore, we invite brands and content creators to interact to prepare for this momentum,” he said at the ‘Winning Ramadan’ event with IDN Media in February this year.

On the same occasion, Intan Ayu Kartika, CMO of Lazada Indonesia, further revealed that increasing a brand’s relevance to the audience by launching content during peak hours in Ramadan has proven to win the hearts of the audience.

“During last year’s Ramadan, Lazada had done placements on Popmama.com, an IDN Media digital platform focused on young mothers, for our Ramadan campaign across all available inventory on Popmama.com with satisfactory results. It was our way to win the hearts and minds of our audience during peak hours in Ramadan,” said Intan.

Through various data entry points on their media platforms last Ramadan, IDN Media recorded a 92% increase in traffic on IDN Times, a news and entertainment media platform, for topics related to new phones for Eid, instagenic iftar places, and even Ramadan data packages.

Meanwhile, FORTUNE Indonesia experienced a 175% increase in website traffic for keywords such as the best flagship smartphones, affordable vehicle loans, and trusted insurance.

Reach consumers online through content creator

To attract customers during this holy month, a marketing approach that is innovative, timely, and efficient is essential. ICE, a platform that connects content creators and brands or advertisers to collaborate, often faces questions about effective marketing strategies for each industry during Ramadan.

Many companies are still unsure about the efficiency of this marketing strategy, despite the fact that brand budgets for content creator marketing are expected to expand quickly and reach 2.7 trillion, a 28% increase from the previous year.

Hana Novitriani, Vice President of ICE stated that brands can benefit from content creator marketing by gaining consumers’ confidence and increasing brand loyalty. “The return on investment (ROI) for every $1 invested in content creator marketing is 4.87 times,” said Hana on the same occasion.

Hana asserts that content creator marketing is essential to build consumer trust in the digital realm. Companies must be collaborative and permit content creators to develop campaigns with their unique style and target audiences.

Successful campaigns not only garner views and likes but capture audiences with an engaging message. The three most popular content types during Ramadan are religious, inspirational, and entertainment/comedy, which increase brand visibility and maximize sales.

Irish Bella, an actress and momfluencer, shared her experience working with a brand in last year’s Ramadan campaign. According to Irish, content creators love it when they are given the freedom to create and execute campaigns according to the given key message. “The campaign can be carried out to its fullest potential, the brand’s needs are met, and content creators are satisfied with the final result of the content they create,” explained Irish.

The same goes for Bangpen, a gamer and content creator well-known for his live-streaming videos. He says content depends on originality. “Currently, the content creation industry doesn’t need to be expensive and complicated, the most important thing is the originality of the content,” said Bangpen.


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