Investment Serenity: Kedungu's Thriving Beachside Property.

Discover Investment Serenity: Kedungu’s Thriving Beachside Property

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Nestled in the tranquil heart of Kedungu, Tabanan, just moments away from the pristine shores of Kedungu Beach, a unique investment opportunity awaits. This fully operational and exquisitely designed  beachside property offers not only a serene retreat but also a flourishing business venture that harmoniously blends with the natural landscape.

A Unique Harmony of Nature and Design

Built in 2019, with parts dating back to 2017, this  beachside property offers a LEASEHOLD opportunity of 20 years with an option for extension, making it a lasting investment. The estate spans a generous 1300 sqm, enveloped by lush rice fields that paint a picture of peace and serenity. Its design philosophy promotes a calming and nurturing atmosphere through an open living concept and the use of organic, local building materials.

Prime Location with Exceptional Views

Located just 300 meters from the surf-friendly waves of Kedungu Beach and a mere half-hour drive from the bustling hotspots of Canggu, this property strikes the perfect balance between isolation and accessibility. From the upper levels, investors and guests are treated to sweeping views of the ocean and the stunning surrounding landscape, offering a backdrop that enhances the property’s allure.

Thoughtfully Designed Facilities

The property features three bedrooms, each with its own attached bathroom, providing privacy and convenience. The dining area and kitchen are housed in a separate building, designed to cater to larger groups and potentially operate as a restaurant. A 42 sqm freeform swimming pool offers relaxation while overlooking the tranquil rice fields. Additional amenities include a dedicated office space and ample parking for cars and motorbikes, with already secured permits for further expansion.

A Strategic Investment

This property is not just a peaceful haven but a strategic asset. Its proximity to the beach, along with competitive pricing, positions it as an ideal investment for those seeking to capitalize on the growing demand for nature-centric, rejuvenating experiences. The easy access to nearby resorts and attractions, such as Bali Beach Glamping and Nirjhara Resort, adds to its appeal, drawing both tourists and potential business partnerships.

A Call to Investors

With its blend of beauty, functionality, and strategic location, this Kedungu beachside property represents a unique opportunity for investors aiming to engage with Bali’s vibrant real estate and hospitality sectors. Whether as a retreat for personal use or as a commercial venture, this property promises growth, peace, and profitability.

This is more than a property investment; it’s a lifestyle investment. Seize the opportunity to own a slice of Bali’s natural elegance and thriving tourist economy. Join us in a venture where nature meets luxury, serenity meets style, and investment meets fulfillment.

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