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Immigration issues new policy with adjusted visa, permit processes and fees

Inforial (The Jakarta Post)
Jakarta ● Fri, May 13, 2022

The Directorate General of Immigration, through the Directorate of Immigration Stay Permits (Ditintalkim), held the virtual Immigration Stay Permit Services Publicization event on Tuesday (10/05/2022).

The event discussed the various adjustments made to stay permit extensions and fees in line with Law and Human Rights Ministry Regulation (Permenkumham) No. 29/2021 on visas and stay permits as well as Finance Ministry Regulation (PMK) No. 9/PMK.02/2022 on non-tax state revenue (PNBP) from immigration service types and tariffs.

Representatives from Directorate of Visa, Passport, and Immigration Control, the Directorate of Immigration Technology and Information Systems, and the Directorate of Immigration Intelligence, as well as the regional heads of immigration offices and immigration technical implementation units (UPTs) attended the event, as did the Immigration Officer at the Indonesian Representative Office.

“The implementation of this PMK is a follow-up to Permenkumham No. 29/2021. The enactment of these two regulations is vital to supporting immigration as a facilitator of economic development,” Immigration Stay Permit Director Pramella Yunidar Pasaribu said in her opening speech.

“However, Permenkumham No. 29/2021 cannot be fully implemented [yet] because of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, for which there have been no significant regulatory changes until now for transitioning from a pandemic to an endemic,” she added. “We are also currently trying to simplify the bureaucracy in stay permit services that affect the public.”

In the following session at the event, Tessar Bayu Setyaji, the coordinator of immigration status transfers, explained the new procedures and fees in detail.

Most crucially, PMK No. 9 set the fee for a 60-day extension to a Visit Stay Permit (ITK) at Rp 2 million (US$137.05). “There is no increase in the fee for the 30-day ITK extension to the Visa on Arrival [VOA] facility,” he said, which remained at Rp 500,000.

Tessar added that the new regulation covered all aspects, from supervision to intelligence and from business licensing to state funds management.

The immigration office has also issued Circular No. IMI-0093.KU.01.03 2022 as a technical guide to implementing ministerial regulation No. 29/2021. The circular stipulates that holders of a One-Time Visit Visa can extend their stay for a maximum of 60 days, provided that the duration of their stay is no more than 180 days, including the 60-day extension.

Meanwhile, Indonesia-born foreign nationals may be granted a 60-day First-Time ITK.

Tessar also explained that visitors who entered the country on a VOA can apply for an extension at the local immigration office where they were presently staying.

“For example, if a foreigner enters Indonesia via Bali and then [relocates] to Labuan Bajo, they can extend their VOA at the [Labuan Bajo] immigration office,” he said.

The immigration fee adjustments based on Finance Ministry Regulation No. 9/PMK.02/2022 also apply to both the 60-day and 180-day Multiple Entry Visas, which are granted for only four types of purposes: governmental purposes, family visits, business purposes, and pre-investment activities.

Foreign nationals planning to conduct activities in Indonesia not covered by these visas can apply for an Onshore Visit Visa via the Immigration Office website ( or transfer their immigration status at their local immigration office, provided that they meet the requirements.


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