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Bali reopening: Eight activities on the island of the gods

09 Dec 2021

With COVID restrictions loosening, Bali is reopening its doors to all visitors. This island in Indonesia, known as The Island of the Gods, has always had a lot to offer. It’s a great tourist destination with lots of activities that are guaranteed to keep you and your family entertained.

However, before starting your vacation, make a budget that will cover all the activities you hope to do as prices vary widely. Additionally, perform your research on different activities and settle on the ones with the best offer that fits your budget.

If you still haven’t decided on what activities to indulge in, we have narrowed down some that may be of interest to you.

1. Yoga retreats
Bali is famous for the numerous yoga retreats one can find there. Some of these retreats offer an award-winning yoga course that gives you a chance to indulge and relax on your vacation. These retreats have a lot of benefits to both your mental and physical health.

You will also get a safe space to form connections without expectations of yourself and others. You also get to enjoy healthy meals that will leave you refreshed and energized.

2. Water parks
Another great place to visit in Bali and have a fun day is a waterpark. These waterparks have various fountains, slides, pools, and water cannons.

If you are into rides, the Splash Water Park has the Giant Racer, a five-story, 90-meter-long slide with four lanes for a single race down. CitraLand Waterpark has a reflexology pool if you want to give your body a break from the exciting activities.

3. Boat rides through the Mangrove forest
If you love boat rides, take a ride through the mangrove when the tide is high enough, and you will see crab holes and the mangrove roots. Your guide will let you experience a peaceful boat ride amidst the natural habitat. However, research the best time to visit to avoid the low tide.

You can also opt for a kayak ride to the sea and experience incredible sights, white beaches, and the mangrove forest.

4. Snorkeling and scuba diving
For both beginners and experienced scuba divers, Bali has excellent diving points. Amed, Pulao Menjangan and Padang Bay are the best diving sights for beginners. And as for advanced divers, you can have many more opportunities around Candidasa, Nusa Penida, and Nusa Lembongan.

However, you will need to be very careful as the currents may be powerful and thus dangerous for beginners. The East Coast is an excellent place for snorkeling with great visibility from 10 to 50 meters.

If you love scuba diving and snorkeling, the best season to visit Bali is between May and November.

5. Waterfall and cliff jumping
The sacred Aling-Aling Waterfall is the first waterfall you’ll see as you walk through the tropical jungle to other waterfalls. You can jump from three heights of 5 meters, 10 meters, and 15 meters. When doing the five-meter jump, do it forward, but consider doing it straight down for the 10 meters and 15 meters.

You will enjoy the beautiful scenery with the water temperature being refreshing. You can opt to slide down the rock into pools.

6. Rice paddy cycling tour
This tour organized in Ubud has an agreed pick-up and drop-off time with regular breaks. The tour begins with getting breakfast of different coffee and tea at the top of the mountains overlooking a lake and a volcano.

You can also ride a bike around the beautiful countryside through a small Balinese village. Passing through these villages offers you a chance to learn about the Balinese way of life.

7. Uluwatu Temple sunset and Kecak fire dance
Kecak fire dance is a unique traditional dance in the Uluwatu Temple. You will get to experience a magical sunset view during the show. This show consists of the story of Ramayana enacted theatrically.

You will also experience the story of the kidnap of Sita and her reunion with her lover Rama through the help of Hanuman, an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

8. Mount Batur sunset trek
This trek gives you a chance to witness the majestic sunset on top of Mount Batur, a volcano. You will notice the vast coffee plantation on your way to the peak of the mount as you enjoy the incredible landscape. Once you are at the top, you can enjoy hot coffee and tea with a unique vibe.

Bottom line
Bali is a tourist destination with plenty of activities to keep you entertained and refreshed. Some of these activities include;

  • You will get yoga retreats in award-winning yoga courses.
  • Water parks with tubing rides, fountains, mini trains, and water cannons.
  • Boat rides in a mangrove forest.
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving in oceans with excellent visibility of 10 to 50 meters.
  • Waterfall and cliff jumping from three heights of 5 meters, 10 meters, and 15 meters.
  • Rice paddy cycling tour around the beautiful countryside.
  • Watching the Kecak fire dance in Uluwatu temple.
  • You will trek up to Mount Batur to witness the majestic sunset.


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