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The rise of the Bukit

In ancient times, it was a dangerous place where great herds of wild banteng and water buffalo roamed free, driven south by population pressure. It served as a hunting ground for pheasant, wild boar and deer, favoured by the rajas of Denpasar and Mengwi. In fact, Bali’s Bukit Peninsula was considered to be so mysterious, foreboding and inhospitable that it became a place of banishment for criminals,...

Purchasing land and property in Indonesia as a foreigner

As Southeast Asia’s largest and most populous country, and one of the world’s future economic powerhouses, Indonesia’s economy is rising at an impressive pace, making it one of the hottest places of choice for foreign investment for the foreseeable future. Despite the impact of the escalating US-China trade war on the global economy, Indonesia’s focus on infrastructure, manufacturing, and...

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